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Secret documents, CIA weapons, Enigma machines, treasure, and a vast fortune in art are only some of the secret caches investigators and explorers have uncovered in the United States, Spain, Libya, and Germany. Other such caches, of survival supplies, explosives, tools, correspondence, and even missiles, have been found in Australia, Syria, and elsewhere.

These 10 recently discovered secret caches remind us of the marvelous, mysterious, and dangerous world in which we make our home. Harwin, who had top-secret clearance, lives in Maryland. The number of possible combinations is an astounding 1, The CIA blocked both the lawsuit and the publication of a memoir Shipp had written about the toxins and their effect on his family. In a garden outside Sirte, Libyan soldiers found more than flowers. Historians were intrigued by the dates stamped on the cardboard boxes: was the year that Russia launched the Sputnik satellite, and was the year of the Cuban missile crisis.

Some of the containers bear Office of Civil Defense labels. In Octobera secret cache of triacetone triperoxide TATPa high explosive favored by terrorists, was discovered in southwestern Western Australia. A citizen reported finding a bag of the white crystalline powder in the Leschenault Estuary, near Australind, kilometers 97 mi south of Perth.

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A joint task force of counterterrorism officers, crime squad representatives, and state security personnel investigated the discovery and searched the estuary for additional TATP. Police stormed a house in Bunbury, arresting a man in connection with the investigation. One of the explorations, during andheaded by David Hurst Thomas, led to the discovery of a cache of tools used to perform a variety of tasks. The cache ensured a surplus of tools, stored below ground, in Hidden Cave, would be available when needed.

The collection provides insights into how the German people regarded Hitler during the two decades prior to the end of World War II.

Escape from Tarkov – Learn the Shoreline Map in 2020

Many children adored Hitler. Lotti H. The weapons have aided Russia in its support of Syrian President Bashar Assad against insurgents dedicated to his overthrow.

Here's How. All Categories. Gary Pullman. Photo credit: Alessandro Nassiri. Photo credit: NY Times. Photo credit: U.

Hidden Stashes on Shoreline - An excellent alternative to make money - Escape From Tarkov

Photo credit: Metro. Photo credit: Seth Wenig. Photo credit: abc. Photo credit: amnh. More Great Lists.Customs Caches - Locations, Loot and Loot Run - Escape from Tarkov All known Custom Cache locations, some of the loot you can find inside and a little loot run that is low risk with potentially great reward!

Hope it is helpful for you new guys! I made you a map. The stars indicate the stashes. Welcome back to another video! I hope you enjoyed my content! Come back regularly and check for an upload! In this video we discuss med spawns, key spawns, cheeky spots on the map and more. In this video we talk about what map you should play in Escape From Tarkov.

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Not all maps are created equal! Shoreline Guide: Custom's Guide with Maps!

shoreline hidden caches

Link to All Maps! Beginners Customs Loot Guide by Reflix66 This video is Reflix66's looting path for Customs, for beginner players looking to avoid conflict and get some loot at the same time. Join the discord! Auch wer den Alten gekannt hat, wird hier wohl Learn Customs in 5min - Escape from Tarkov Map Guide Customs is one of the most important maps in Escape from Tarkov and you'll be sweeping through it after this 5 minute video! This Escape from Tarkov Customs 7 Safes!?

With some key spawns explained. Search by Tags.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. It is only visible to you. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support. This item is incompatible with Avernum: Escape From the Pit.

Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within Avernum: Escape From the Pit. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator.

shoreline hidden caches

This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. There are at least 41 hidden caches in Avernum.

I provide the location of each one, giving a screenshot of the location and hopefully showing a nearby location on the map for reference. I also provide a verbal description of the location.

This item has been added to your Favorites. Created by. Guide Index. Helpful tips. Eastern Gallery starting area.

shoreline hidden caches

North-eastern Avernum: Formello and Fort Draco area. South-eastern Avernum: area around Mertis and Tower of Magi. Great Cave. Central Avernum: Slith lands. Northern Avernum: Lands of Kyass and Giants. Abysmal Chasm: Area north of Fort Saffron.

Drake Tunnels: Caves west of Fort Remote. Abyss: Area around Spire. Northern Isles. North-western Avernum: Demon lands. Greetings, fellow treasure hunters!

Survivalist hidden cache

As you hopefully know already, scattered all over Avernum are hidden caches filled with mostly minor treasures. You might be just in for it for an achievement, or maybe you want to totally perfect your stats screen. It's okay, many people like that! I will provide a list of caches in each area as well as screenshots.

For areal division, I have used the general area in the map instead of the in-game messages about arriving into different areas. This should be okay, because the screenshots and descriptions will do the trick anyway.

Mind you, there are some rather minor but still spoilers in there. If relevant to the plot, I have hidden them, but screenshots might give something out regardless. You can only find caches on the world map. Before opening, caches look like this: Before you can open a cache, you need to have a sufficient level of Cave Lore CL.

You need at most a total skill level 12 in your party to be able to find and open all of them.Learn all the different exits and extractions on the Factory map in Escape from Tarkov.

I also have a few tips on where dangerous areas are. Normally I only include one map that I like to use for each area. However, the map above and the one below are great for learning the extracts together.

Both maps are slightly outdated, but the bottom one is much easier to understand visually. The joke regarding dangerous areas on Factory is that almost everywhere is dangerous.

While exits are a little easier for Scavs, PMCs are more likely to get killed by campers. Second, the stairs to the Office Window extract are dangerous because people like to watch down the stairs for easy headshots. In addition to the stairs, the office has a couple of spots for hiding where people will wait for you to enter. This is another risk with people listening to your every step.

Best Unlimited Free Hidden Object Games Online

Also, be careful of the tunnels underneath a good portion of the map. For a general idea of where valuable loot can spawn, Pestily has a guide from March running through popular spawns. I hope this guide on the Factory map in Escape from Tarkov helps you get a better understanding of the game. Comment below if you need help with anything else.

Jeff is a journalism student that loves to write, stream, and make content about video games. Click to expand the map. Credit to stealtheh Scav only exits are marked with an asterisk.

Video Gate 0 Extract available to everyone that requires a Factory Key. Video Dangerous Areas Hatchling players like to rush the office safe for money. Jeffrey Lerman. PMC only extract that requires a Factory Key. Extract available to everyone that requires a Factory Key.Learn all the different exits and extractions on the Shoreline map in Escape from Tarkov.

I also have a few tips on where dangerous areas are. These are a great way to loot in unpopular areas that not many players know about. This is the top-center of the map in this article where the West Wing, Admin, and East Wing buildings are. Also, this area has a large amount of Scav AI.

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Be wary of getting shot through windows while looting in hallways. The swamp ground slows your movement speed and makes you an easy kill. However, if you learn the area, it does have planks and a few pathways to take that is safe. Since Shoreline is a large map, there are many areas to be wary of Scav AI.

shoreline hidden caches

However, Resort is the primary place that brings players together. Every guide is available at the Escape from Tarkov Guide Hub. Jeff is a journalism student that loves to write, stream, and make content about video games. Scav only exits are marked with an asterisk. Jeffrey Lerman. Only available to PMCs when the spotlight is on.

Only available to PMCs when green flares are visible.Enjoy playing interesting Free Hidden Object Games. Search different items at the screen using given names and object descriptions.

The objects are somewhere in the game screen. Most of the games are unlimited online free hidden object games with no download necessary. We are adding new game every day. Hidden4fun Object Games. The Easter Story. Helen's favorite holiday is Easter. And while some people can't even imagine and are Witch Songs. There are numerous different songs and music genres, we all know. People love different genres, Collectors Society. And while most of us know to say 'it's beautiful or it's not,' when it comes to a certain piece Pick For This Hour.

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Hidden Object Games. Remember me on this computer. Forgot password? Create an account. Most Popular of the Month. Unknown Bazaar 33, With time, the supermarkets have taken the place of the old famous bazaars.

Test of Courage 29, Long Night 23, Deadly Infection 22, More Games. Adventure Zuma So, today we have a classic Zuma game. We are sure that you know those games, it Family Drama Biancas Kitchen Hidden4fun World of Zuma Hidden object games are a great opportunity to try your skills for concentration and focus.That love of playing hide and seek doesn't end in childhood, which may be why so many people—kids and adults—have fallen in love with geocachingthe modern GPS-powered treasure hunt.

A very typical, weatherproof cache I was recently introduced to geocaching by a couple of good friends, Steve and Brad, who told me over and over "Try it! This is something you'll really like! We stuck to the area around my home, and I thought I'd probably just give it a shot and forget it forever.

I leashed up my dog, thinking that at the very least we'd be taking her for a nice walk, and the time wouldn't be wasted. But then we came to the first cache site. Steve showed me the map on his phone's geocaching app; the cache marker was centered on a clump of trees and bushes just off the Interurban trail.

Not knowing what I was looking for, I prodded around in the weedy growth at the base of a tree. The guys just stood back and smiled, letting me find it in my own time.

They explained that it was a "micro" cache; a very small container that could be just about anywhere. As I poked around, they explained that the cache owner—the person who originally hid the container—would have been very careful about placing it somewhere that would be invisible to non-geocachers or "muggles" in the game's lingo.

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Yes, geocaching became popular around the same time as the Harry Potter novels, and to much of the same audience. All caches are rated on a scale of 1 to 5 on both difficulty and terrain; this one was rated 1. A "bison tube" geocache If it's that easy, I thought, why can't I find it? I continued to examine the greenery, but all I saw was grass and leaves.

Finally, in frustration, I turned to my friends. Being the good guys that they are, they gave me a hint: stop, look at the site, and think about where you might hide a small container. Think about places that aren't immediately obvious. I'm glad that first find was a challenge for me, because when I finally did find a little metal tube in a surprising place, it gave me a pleasant rush of discovery. Sure enough, it was both right in front of me and very cleverly hidden.

I extracted it from its hiding place, and unscrewed one end of the tube. Inside was a tiny rolled piece of paper. At the top, a few words explained the idea behind geocaching, and noted that the website Geocaching. Below that were written dozens of dates and names. The guys explained that I would want to sign up on the Geocaching website, choose a short name, and use that to sign logs like the one I'd found. And there I would also be able to see all the caches that were hidden, not just in Washington, but all around the world.

We all signed the little log and carefully re-hid it where we'd found it, for the next cacher. I have to admit it: I was hooked from that moment. We looked up some additional caches on Steve's phone, and used its GPS to navigate to the next one. This was just off a busy road, making part of the challenge the retrieval of another small cache without being too conspicuous. Brad pretended to be on a phone call, I pretended that I was encouraging my dog to "go potty!

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